B2English for HR50-60

We designed this TED talk-based lesson for HR specialists and managers to discuss the recruitment process and what kind of candidates have better chances to get a job. You may use it with any working adults successfully as well.

In her speech “Why the best hire might not have the perfect resume” Regina Hartley talks about two types of people – the fighters and the ones born with silver spoon in their mouth, and advises who we should hire. From the language side, students will have a chance to learn vocabulary from the video through a word building activity and then practise using it by creating meaningful questions with them. It’s also a good opportunity to revise some grammar structures so you can ask your students to make questions with particular tenses/structures and then answer these questions with a partner to practise using these structures orally. There are also two speaking activities – one as a warm-up that concerns CVs and recruitment and one at the end to give an opportunity to discuss the content of the video and its key points. 

In the video, Mrs. Hartley speaks in a slow and easy to understand way so even weaker groups shouldn’t have problem following what she says. Depending on the time used for discussion, this worksheet should take around 35-50 minutes plus 10 minutes to watch the TED talk.


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