This is a Flipped Classroom lesson plan. In a nutshell, it means that first part of the lesson needs to be done by students at home. Learn more about flipped classroom and how we implement it in those lesson plans in our post.


This lesson plan about education is prepared for B2 students and is based on a video presenting differences between Finnish and American education systems. Students will have a chance to learn some new vocabulary as well as express their opinions connected with education and schools. As the video is part of an American documentary, you will find many American English words in this lesson plan. 

You can do the whole lesson with your students in class but remember that the video is 9:27 mins. Decide yourself whether you want to use this worksheet as a flipped lesson or not.


Before the class, students need to do two exercises. First, they need to match words to create pairs of synonyms. All words from this exercise appear in the video. Next, students watch a video which a segment from a documentary “Where to Invade Next” by an American filmmaker, Michael Moore. As they watch the video, they need note down the differences between Finnish and American education systems. 


This is a lesson plan about education so the in-class worksheet starts with a short discussion about education and schools (questions include words that students matched in exercise 1). Then, there is one vocabulary task in which students have to choose correct words to fill in the gaps in the sentences provided. The activity involves such words as timetable, principal, tuitions, extracurricular, etc. It’s a multiple choice task (you’ll understand the irony after watching the video).


The last task on this page looks into different phrases used for asking for opinion. Students have to fill in the gaps with the words from the box to create a few different expressions that they will use in the last task.

Equipped with the phrases from the previous activity, your students will now work in groups to practice using them and have a discussion about the school system. You can approach this activity in a more or less controlled manner. If you choose the first option, one student will pick a topic from the list (you can also cut it out), read it and tell what they think about a given topic, whether they agree or disagree and why. Then, he or she needs to choose another student from the group and ask them to express their opinion on the same topic. Afterwards, next student chooses another topic and repeats the process. Of course, they need to use questions from the previous task. Make sure to give them set amount of time (90-120 seconds) for expressing an opinion and another 30 sec for the response of the other student. If you prefer a more open task, treat it as an open discussion task and just remind your students to use expression from the previous activity.


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  2. Hello, I’d love to do this lesson again but it looks like the video clip has gone. Could you resend the link, please? Thanks again for your great lessons.

    1. Emma, thanks for letting us know about the broken link! As you saw, we fixed it on our website and in the e-lesson plan. We’ll update the pdfs in a few minutes as well.


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