Why do we glamourise overwork more than ever

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ARTICLE: https://eslbrains.com/crc004


This lesson plan about overwork is based on an article and gives students the opportunity to learn and put into practice some words and phrases related to work, while reflecting on the cult of overwork in modern society.

B2 / Upper Intermediate
C1 / Advanced
30 minCritical Reading ClubFree

This is a Critical Reading Club worksheet. With this format, students need to read an online article at home and do the exercises in the classroom. Learn more about how to use such worksheets and their benefits in our post.


The lesson starts with a vocabulary exercise in which students analyse eight sentences related to work. Their task is to replace the underlined words and phrases in them with their synonyms provided in a box (e.g. hustle, work yourself ragged, perk). Afterwards, students have to summarise the article they read at home putting into practice the new language. This exercise not only helps students consolidate the language, but also allows the teacher to check if learners understand the meaning of the words and phrases and are able to use them correctly. The lesson finishes with a discussion about the problem of overwork in modern society. Students share their own opinions and experiences while still practising the new vocabulary in a less-controlled way.





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  1. Debbie Vaes

    Hi would it be possible to upload the article as a PDF or other file? The BBC website can’t be accessed from Vietnam where I live, it is blocked by the government I believe

    1. Stan

      Hi! We won’t upload or make this article available on our website – simply because of copyrights issues. It’s BBC’s article so you should read it on their website, as long as they make it available. If it’s the government that blocks access to BBC from Vietnam, then I suppose the only option is to use some VPN service. Sorry that I can’t help you better in this situation.

  2. Mastering Shelt

    Just here to leave a positive feedback. The Critical Reading Club lessons have been extremely useful with students who want to focus on conversation. They read the supporting material beforehand and we have amazing discussions. This topic was one of my favorite ones so far!

    1. Justa

      Thank you so much for such positive feedback! We’re thrilled to hear that Critical Reading Club worksheets work so well with your students 🙂 Yeah, we also feel that thanks to articles that students read before class, they have a chance to learn the topic of the lesson beforehand and are more eager to express their views in class.

  3. Malgorzata

    Great lesson! Thanks!


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