Tying the knot

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Vocabulary - weddings

lesson about weddings


Try this lesson about weddings to discuss ceremonies, and teach students useful vocabulary and time expressions. Students will also watch a video and plan a wedding

B1 / Intermediate60 minStandard LessonPremium Plan


This lesson about weddings starts with a warm-up task. Students need to look at four thoughts and guess the event during which people had them. Later, they need to decide who had the thoughts (the bride or the groom). Students also need to think of three associations that come to mind when they hear the words bride and groom. After that, students read sentences and choose correct words or phrases (e.g. tie the knot, bridesmaid, wedding ceremony, honeymoon). They also talk about the traditions associated with weddings in their country (e.g. venue, bride’s bouquet). After that, students watch the video and tick the things the speaker talks about. During the second viewing, they complete statements with one word. 


In this part of the lesson about weddings, students discuss some questions related to getting married. For instance, they talk about same-sex marriages, discuss why fewer people get married and talk about divorce. Then, students need to order some events to make a schedule for a day of wedding preparations. The task includes time expressions like later in the day, at 7 a.m. sharp, afterwards. Students need to answer some questions about the time expressions. Next, they practise using the expressions by completing some statements about a wedding day based on a timeline. Finally, students need to plan a wedding using the vocabulary in the lesson. 


The lesson about weddings includes a supplementary task to practise the wedding vocabulary and the time expressions from the lesson. In the task, students need to comment on some situations using the target lexis. The task is available in the teacher’s version of the worksheet and can be printed for students or accessed in the e-lesson plan for online teaching.




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