The cleanest country in the world

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In this lesson students talk about cleaning and the standards of cleanliness. They also discuss the article they read at home and practise some useful vocabulary

B1 / Intermediate30 minCritical Reading ClubUnlimited Plan

This is a Critical Reading Club worksheet. With this format, students need to read an online article at home and do the exercises in the classroom. Learn more about how to use such worksheets and their benefits in our post.


In the warm-up activity, students look at a list of words and phrases and use some of them to say how they feel about cleaning. Then, they complete six gaps with words related to mess and cleaning (e.g. clean-up, litter, bin, mess). The statements in the task are about Japan. Students need to compare them with their country. After that, students look at a list of six activities related to clean-ups and standards of cleanliness and discuss whether they would do them or not. Finally, students answer some questions about the advantages of mess.




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  1. Bambang

    Is it just me or the website can’t show the article? I think it’s better to copy paste these articles into ESLBrains format cos we never know when a website can be down or no longer serves its purpose.

    1. Stan

      Hi! There had to be a glitch on that news website and the article wasn’t being displayed. Now, it’s back to normal. BTW it happens very, very rarely that some articles or videos disappear and when that happens we immediately look for a replacement.


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