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Vocabulary - adjectives

speaking practice


In this lesson, students watch a video about a co-working space, practise using adjectives and get a lot of speaking practice.

A2 / Pre‐Intermediate
B1 / Intermediate
60 minStandard LessonUnlimited Plan


In the warm-up activity, students read a comment about employees going back to the office and discuss what it means. Then, they read seven statements (e.g. I am usually productive because I can concentrate when I see others around me working.) and decide whether the people probably work from home or from the office. They also need to find adjectives in the statements (e.g. motivating, annoying, challenging) and decide which of them are generally positive or generally negative. Then, they get some more vocabulary practice by completing some sentences with the adjectives from the previous task. After that, do a speaking practice task. They look at a list of things people like or don’t like about their place of work (e.g. a chatty colleague, a kitchen nearby, wearing pyjamas) and have to think of one advantage and one disadvantage each of these things have. 


Before watching the video, students discuss what the terms work remotely, hybrid work and co-working spaces might mean. After the first viewing, students need to explain what the company in the video does. They do that using the words from the previous task. During the second viewing, students have to complete some missing information about the co-working space from the video (e.g. conference rooms, coffee break area). Finally, students discuss some questions to get some more speaking practice. They share their views on the idea of co-working spaces, and consider whether it is a good work model and explain how they like to work. They also need to describe how they worked during the pandemic, and brainstorm types of companies a co-working model is good for. 




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