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conversation questions about professions


In this speaking class, students answer some conversation questions about professions. They also watch two videos about unusual jobs, and share their views on some issues regarding jobs and careers.

A2 / Pre‐Intermediate
B1 / Intermediate
45 min
60 min
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This is a Speaking Class worksheet. It includes a variety of tasks that let your students practise their speaking skills. This lesson format does not focus on grammar or vocabulary. Learn more about it here.


In the warm-up activity, students choose two topics from a list of four and talk about them. The topics are related to current and past jobs (e.g. a job you wanted to have when you were younger). In the next two activities students answer some conversation questions about professions. First, they look at a list of jobs (e.g. secret agent, food critic, YouTuber) and decide whether they would call any of them a dream job. They need to explain their answers. Then, students look at a list of unusual jobs (e.g. panda babysitter, professional sleeper, car tester) and think what responsibilities each of the people might have. They also discuss if they would choose any of them as a career, and think how people usually choose the job they want to do. 


Before watching the videos, students look at lists of words and try to guess what the unusual jobs from the videos might be about. Then, they watch the videos and check their ideas. After the videos, students discuss which profession was more surprising. They also consider the skills necessary for the jobs and say whether they would like to do them. Next, students look at five categories (e.g. stressful jobs, jobs for people who are patient) and think of three jobs for each of them. They need to explain their choices. Finally, students answer some more conversation questions about professions and careers. They think of reasons why people change careers, explain what training and skills they need to do their job and brainstorm the most important things they look for in a job. 



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  1. Filipe Nunes

    great stuff! Thanks a million for that. cheers!

    1. Ewa

      Thank you, Filipe 🙂

  2. jeffreyalan

    This is a great lesson! My students loved it. Thank you for creating this lesson.

    1. Ewa

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  3. Елена Садчикова

    That’s a great plan. Thanx

  4. [email protected]

    I’m doing a conversation club for international students and I have decided I will start off the first lesson with this great lesson…thanks.

    1. Ewa

      Great! Have fun with it!

  5. Teacher Wilson

    Unbelievable material! Great stuff. Thanks a bunch!

    1. Ewa

      Thank you 🙂

  6. bianca.khan

    Great resource with a lot of great ideas. Thank-you

  7. Aura Fernandez

    Great lesson! My students will love it. Thank you!!

    1. Ewa

      Thanks, Aura! Delighted to hear that 🙂

  8. Prof Yuly Lys

    Thank you! It was really helpful.

    1. Ewa

      Happy to hear that. Thanks 🙂

  9. vrichter

    I very cursory looked at the lowest level materials and what I see that your lowest level is suitable to my highest level of ESL students. I teach five levels at the moment but from what I can see, I can only use this materials for only 2 of my classes. I was looking for the materials for my beginner and high beginner classes. I don’t see any so far.

    1. Ewa

      Hi! The reason you can’t find lessons for beginners is because we don’t create them. Pre-intermediate (A2) are the lowest level lesson plans you can currently find on our website.

  10. Sébastien Cr.

    Nice but just a suggestion, could there be two version of videos like that?
    One with subtitles, one without…

    Keep up the good work anyway, bye!

    1. Ewa

      Hi there! The subtitles are embedded in the videos, so we can’t really remove them. On the plus side, this is one of the very few lessons with this kind of videos. We know it’s better for students to watch and listen without subtitles, we just really liked these particular videos for this particular lesson 🙂 It probably won’t happen again!

  11. Barbora Mary Blahova

    great stuff, thanks!

    1. Ewa

      Thank you ! I’m glad you like the lesson 🙂

  12. Natalya

    Thanks so much!!!

    1. Ewa

      You’re welcome. Hope your students enjoy it!

  13. Наталья Мельник

    Thank you for the lesson!

    1. Ewa

      I’m glad to know it’s useful. Thanks!

  14. Rudy González

    Great lesson, can i add my students on the platform?

    1. Stan

      Rudy, as we discussed in the chat later on, there’s not student-centered platform at ESL Brains. What we do is develop and provide teaching resources to ESL teachers around the world.

  15. Yuliya Gladenko

    Thank you for the lesson!

    1. Ewa

      You’re welcome. I’m glad you like it.

  16. [email protected]

    Thank you so much, this lesson looks awesome! cant wait to try it with my student tomorrow.

    1. Ewa

      Great 🙂 Delighted to hear that 🙂

  17. RenaKa

    I found it really interesting and so did my class. Well done!

    1. Ewa

      Thanks, I’m glad the lesson was useful 🙂

  18. Herbert Aragão

    Perfect!! TYSM!!!

    1. Ewa


  19. 乐 邹

    is the teacher’s version and student’s version the same?

    1. Ewa

      Hi! Yes, they are the same as there are no answers (all the tasks are about speaking fluency) and no teacher’s notes in this lesson.

      1. 乐 邹

        Thank you for your reply

  20. [email protected]

    I like it so much. This activity is good for conversation. The students can speake a lot.
    Tks :()

    1. Ewa

      Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  21. Елена Короткова

    Thanks a lot for an amazing lesson and videos!

    1. Ewa

      It’s our pleasure. Hope your students enjoy the lesson 🙂

  22. Sansol63

    hello, is it normal that student’s and teacher’s version are exactly the same?

    1. Sansol63

      sorry just saw the answer up there 😉 thanks a lot for this great lesson

      1. Justa

        No problem 🙂

  23. TMPB1

    Love this – such a great intro class.

  24. Inna123


  25. Teatime Academy

    Love it

  26. anto62

    fresh and contemporary. Great lesson. I’m using it over and over with different classes and with individual students. Thank you!

    1. Ewa

      Wow, thanks!


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