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This is a Flipped Classroom lesson plan. In a nutshell, it means that first part of the lesson needs to be done by students at home. Learn more about flipped classroom and how we implement it in those lesson plans in our post.


There is a story behind this cooking lesson plan. A few years ago I was doing a lesson about cooking with my student and her homework was to write a recipe in English, but the idea was that I’ll cook according to that recipe and find out if it works. This way the best carrot cake has been landing on our table for years now and I still prepare it by following the original recipe written by my student 😊

The worksheet is prepared for B2 students and consists of various vocabulary activities that will help students create their own recipes in English.


At home students need to do three tasks. First, they need to collect some cooking vocabulary. They get a list of a list of verbs with missing first letters. They have to match them to correct letters which are the first letters of these verbs. Next, they have one exercise on some useful phrases used when talking about recipes. They need to match halves to create these expressions. The last task is a short recipe which includes some verbs from the first exercise. Students have to complete this recipe with prepositions.


The in-class worksheet part of this cooking lesson plan starts with a short discussion. Students work in pairs, look at the underlined words and phrases in the questions and check whether they understand them. The task includes the following vocabulary: a picky eater, an acquired taste, leftovers, street food, to recreate a dish, savory. Then, they should answer the questions in pairs.

In the next exercise, they have to look at the list of ingredients and guess what dish might be shown in a Jamie Oliver’s video they’re going to watch. Then, students watch the video and find out what dish Jamie Oliver cooks. After that, they need to watch the video again and put the ingredients from the previous exercise in order Jamie Oliver uses them. Next, to practise cooking verbs, students try to recreate the chef’s recipe by giving step-by-step instructions (it’s supposed to be oral practice).

Finally, students discuss some questions about their attitude towards cooking and, using the vocabulary from this lesson, write a recipe for one of their favourite or signature dishes (it can also be done as homework, or in the form of a video that students could create).


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  1. I’ve subscribed Jamie Oliver’s Youtube channel for so long and seeing him here is AMAZING! Thanks!

  2. Great lesson guys! Ironically, a couple of years ago, I designed a very similar lesson with this same video ( + the omelette and Genaro’s carbonara) But as always, this is better and handy!

  3. Hello. I just updated my credit card information. I was given the notification that my payment was processed. However, when I try to access the premium content, it won’t show me the worksheets. Please advise.

    I love your site and I use it often. Hopefully one day I can share some of the lessons I have done in the past 🙂

    1. Corrie, please write to my at stan@eslbrains.com. I just see your name in the comments and we have a few Corries as members so I don’t who you are exactly 🙂 Your problem is caused by Patreon processing the payments in the system longer than usual and most likely will solve itself within a few hours. If you write to me, I might help faster than that 🙂


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