This extra worksheet is a standalone worksheet that you can do whenever you want with your B2 (B1+) students. It deals with different uses of the verb ‘take’. Students will get a few tasks to learn its basic meanings, various phrases with take, and learn a few phrasal verbs that include the verb take. The last task in this worksheet is a quiz! Take your students smartphones, find some prizes and challenge your students to discuss the quiz questions in teams and get the best score. 


It is a very quick activity and, as the heading says, it’s a warm-up. Students read eight sentences with different uses of the verb ‘take’. They need to match sentences with correct meanings of the verb in the provided sentences. There are such basic meanings of ‘take’ as to accept, to last, to write, to win, to steal, etc.


Next, students move on to the second task which is based on some popular phrases with ‘take’. The task includes such expressions as take a deep breath, take offence, take pride in sth, take place, etc. Students need to fill in the gaps in the sentences with correct words from the box. After checking the answers with the teacher, they move to work on the last task. This time, it’s about phrasal verbs – of course with the verb ‘take’. Students have to transform sentences by replacing the words in bold with correct phrasal verbs from the list given. Remind them that sometimes they need to change the order of words in the sentences.


We’re thinking how to make students practise all these expressions and phrasal verbs they’ve learned in one activity. We came up with the idea of a quiz. So students get ten questions which check their knowledge of different countries, cultures and events. Of course, all questions include expressions and phrasal verbs with take. Create 2/3-person teams and let your student try to get the right answers. If you want to turn this into a competition for the whole class, get some rewards and set a time limit – of course collect your students’ phones before you start so they’re not tempted to check the answers 🙂 

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