FOCUS Vocabulary: Learning
TIME  60 min (incl. 6 min video)

What’s wrong with the schooling system? How could it be improved? This lesson focuses on these questions and involves teaching new collocations, watching a video and ends with a group debate.

The lesson is divided into three parts: vocabulary, listening comprehension and debate. First, students need to complete four mind maps which include collocations with learning, aptitude, skills and competence. What follows is an exercise with a few questions for students to discuss, where Ss will have an opportunity to use newly learned phrases.

The next section consists of a listening comprehension task in which students need to decide which six statements are closest to the issues discussed in the video titled “6 Problems with our School System” by Next School. Some sentences are very close so remind your Ss to listen carefully. Afterwards, students need to collaborate in pairs to decide which 4 issues (out of all the statements) are most problematic for the education system.

Finally, the last part is a debate. Divide your students into small groups (4-6 people) and ask them to prepare arguments for and against the debate points. I recommend deciding upfront which group should debate in favour or against each point to make sure that everybody is happy and keep the conversations going.

The lesson should take around 60 minutes (video is 6-min long) and is prepared for B2 students.







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