I’ve lived here for ten years (Present Perfect + for/since)

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Grammar - Present Perfect with 'for' and 'since'

Present Perfect with for and since


With this lesson plan, students learn how to create sentences in Present Perfect with for and since, and when to use them. They also watch a video about a 12-year-old painter and practise using the tense.

A2 / Pre‐Intermediate
B1 / Intermediate
60 minStandard LessonUnlimited Plan


The lesson starts with a short discussion activity in which students use some adjectives to describe themselves when they were 12 years old. Before watching the video, students think about three things they would like to know about the 12-year-old-painter from the video. Then, they watch the video for the first time to check if their questions were answered. Before the second viewing, students try to complete the information about the painter. Then, they watch the video again and check or complete their answers. After that, students discuss the questions about the painter. Then, they read five sentences about the video and complete two tables to understand how Present Perfect is formed. They also complete the rules of using Present Perfect with for and since


In this part of the lesson students practise the new language by doing three different activities. Their first task is to complete nine sentences with the correct forms of verbs in Present Perfect. The exercise contains examples of affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences. Then, students take note of the date and time of their class. They look at the sentences again and change for to since and since to for. They also need to make any necessary changes to the sentences. Finally, students use Present Perfect with for and since to talk about the things in their lives that started in the past and are still true now (e.g. How long have you studied English?). They use provided clues (e.g. work in your company, be in this lesson). This way, they practise using questions, affirmatives, as well as the use of for and since



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  1. EslWitches

    Thank you for a lovely lesson! Worked really well for my pre-intermediate students!

    1. Ewa

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the lesson.

  2. evanilde

    Hi the video seems perfect. but I couldn’t find the activities and worksheet

    1. Stan

      Hi! The lesson is for Unlimited subscribers only so unless you have such a subscription active, you won’t see the worksheets.

  3. Otaviano Neto

    Thank you very much for making this lesson available! It worked greatly!

    1. Ewa

      Thanks, Otaviano!

  4. veshta

    Amazing lesson, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Ewa

      It’s our pleasure, Veshta 🙂

  5. Islam Muhammad Salama Muhammad


  6. juliana.mary

    Just perfect, from the first to the last slide! Thank you so much!

    1. Ewa

      Lovely to hear that. Thank you!

  7. jesssoares

    Amazing lesson, thank you very much !

    1. Ewa

      Thanks, I’m really happy to hear that 🙂


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