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Phrasal verbs for beginners

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Vocabulary: phrasal verbs

phrasal verbs for beginners


The lesson plan deals with phrasal verbs for beginners. Students will discover meanings of nine phrasal verbs and practise them in various speaking activities.

A2 / Pre‐Intermediate45 minStandard LessonUnlimited Plan


The worksheet starts with a warm‐up activity. Students have to match halves to create phrases describing free time activities. The exercise includes basic expressions such as listen to music/podcast, spend time on social media, take classes, etc. After completing it, students discuss questions and say what they do in their free time using the phrases from the previous exercise.


Next, student read short texts where three people describe their perfect weekend, and they have to say whose weekend they like most and why. The texts are packed with phrasal verbs, so students have to match them to correct meanings. There are phrasal verbs such as work out, eat out, go away, etc. To practise them, students move to the next activity and have to respond to a few statements using the phrasal verbs they’ve learnt. To extend this task, you could ask students to work in pairs. One person comes up with a situation and the other responds to it using one of the  phrasal verbs. Finally, students discuss a few questions as well as describe their perfect weekend using at least four phrasal verbs from this lesson.



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  1. Elena Mikhaylova

    It’s a good lesson plan, though it lacks some video material for students to watch and discuss


    1. Justa

      Thanks! Good to hear that, you’ll see more videos in other A2 worksheets in the future


  2. Анастасия Ромина

    Thank you so much for such a great opportunity


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