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modal verbs of possibility


In this lesson about onboarding, students discuss their experience, watch the video, and practise modal verbs of possibility (must, might, can’t). They also read a dialogue and create a similar one.  

A2 / Pre‐Intermediate
B1 / Intermediate
60 minStandard LessonPremium Plan


This lesson about onboarding starts with a quick discussion of the title. Students think who and where might say it. After they have discussed briefly what onboarding is, students look at some statistics related to it. First, they try to guess the right answers, and then share if they find any of the information surprising. Students also look at the pieces of advice about onboarding and complete them with a pair of words (e.g. show/fill out, make/set up, give/introduce). Students then move on to discuss the advice. They also share their personal experiences with the onboarding process.  


This part of the worksheet is devoted to a video and modal verbs of possibility. It includes the video with examples of good and bad onboarding processes. Students watch the video for the first time and choose the verbs that might be useful to describe the video. After that, they watch it again and work in pairs: student A has to say why the first onboarding was good, whereas student B talks about bad onboarding. They use the words they learned before in the lesson. Then, students choose some options of what they would like to have on their first working day and explain their choice. The lesson also includes a dialogue about a first day at work. Students read the dialogue and discuss the modal verbs of possibility ( must, might, can’t). They put them into practice by responding to different messages. As a final activity, students try to create their own dialogues about a first working day. They have two models to follow. Teachers can also encourage students to use the dialogue from the lesson as an example. 




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  1. Delphine Fayol

    Looks good and great

    1. Inna

      Thank you so much!

  2. DaveMar

    Excellent! Really got people talking!

    1. Inna

      Thank you for letting us know! We’re happy your students enjoyed the lesson:)

  3. English Wherever

    Good content!

    1. Inna

      Thank you so much for your comment!


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