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This time, instead of a TED Talk, the lesson plan is based on a part of a TV show that hosted a renown motivational speaker Simon Sinek. When this video hit YouTube in December 2016, it quickly went viral. His speech, and thus the lesson, focuses on the issues connected with the millennials and their situation on the modern labour market and the reasons behind the problems of coping with the work life.

The 2-page handout found below mainly aims at stimulating students to talk about the millennials generation in the work environment. The warm-up questions concern the differences between various generation. This is followed by a 4-minute comedy video that looks at the stereotype of millennials through the eyes of previous generations. Then there are two conversation practice tasks that focus on the Simon Sinek’s speech video: one based on describing the key terms from the video and the second consisting of a few discussion points to be discussed in pairs or small groups.

I recommend to ask the students to watch this Simon Sinek’s video at home (15 minutes) or incorporate it in the lesson at play it before the “Discussion about Sinek’s opinion” point. The video itself is not very challenging and should be understandable for B2-level students.

The second page of the handout is a reading section that looks at possible changes that the millennials might have on corporations. The text has a pre-reading speaking prediction task and a post-reading gap-filling lexical exercise.

Let me know how you and your students liked this millennials lesson! Is there anything there you would change? Have you got your own thoughts about the millennials? Just leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.




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  1. Very interesting and I am planning to use it with my business students. However I seem to be unable to find the 4 minute comedy you mention…

    1. It works well on our side. In this case the Teacher’s version only includes answers to the Reading exercise (gap filling), i.e. see page 2. Let us know if you still have problems.

    1. Hi Eleanor, I don’t think there’s any transcript prepared for that. What you can do is go to Youtube and get an auto-generated transcript but the quality of that is mediocre – you’d have to correct it yourself because sometimes it’s just gibberish. To get the transcript, click the elipsis button in Youtube and then click “open transcript”transcript - youtube

  2. In the gap fill exercise, “…they also want to access their personal life during work,” says Espinoza. Gone will be systems that lock employees out of their personal lives while they’re at work…” What does “Gone” in the text mean?

    1. In a nutshell, the phrase “gone will be sth” means that something will no longer exist / disappear.

  3. Hi ~
    I’m a great fan of Simon Sinek, but as I was checking out some responses to his take on Millennials, I came across Crystal Kadakia, a millennial author and TED Talk speaker who has a very strong rebuttal to the interview and comments that were shown in your “Millennials in the workplace” activity. Her article (below) and book The Millennial Myth might make a good counterpoint activity.


  4. It’s a super nice lesson plan. I’m about to try it out with Business students. There’s one thing I can’t make out in the funny video on Millenials in the workplace. What’s the second girl’s excuse for taking extra three weeks off? “Argentinian soul quest”?


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