speaking about news
C1 / Advanced | C2 / Proficiency
Speaking Class 45 min / 60 min

In news we trust?


This worksheet focuses on speaking about news and news sources. Students also talk about changes and problems related to the media and news and watch and discuss a video. 

C1 / Advanced
Critical Reading Club 30 min

Who should tackle misinformation on social media?

Global Issues

With this lesson plan students learn and practise some useful news language and reflect on the problem of misinformation on social media.

positive and negative adjectives
C1 / Advanced
Standard Lesson 60 min

Anxiety-free news

Global Issues

In this lesson about anxiety-free news, students learn and practise positive and negative adjectives and reflect on the impact of news stories on our lives.

ESL flipped lesson plan
C1 / Advanced
Flipped Lesson 45 min

Deepfakes – Is seeing still believing?


This ESL flipped lesson plan deals with deepfakes, i.e. fake videos in which a person in a video is replaced with someone else using computer science.

practising writing
B2 / Upper Intermediate | C1 / Advanced
Standard Lesson 30 min

Latest crime news headlines


This worksheet focuses on two goals: extending crime vocabulary and practising writing. It can also serve as a good supplement to crime lesson plans.

video lesson plan
B2 / Upper Intermediate
Standard Lesson 45 min

How false news can spread

Global Issues

This lesson plan focuses on fake news and circular reporting. Students will also have to decide whether some news stories are fake or true.

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