second conditional
B1 / Intermediate
Standard Lesson 60 min

What would happen if you quit texting for a week? (second conditional)


In this lesson about texting students discover and practise the second conditional. They also learn vocabulary related to mobile phone communication and discuss the role of texting in their lives.

mixed conditionals
B2 / Upper Intermediate
Standard Lesson 45 min

Mixed conditionals for Business English


The lesson plan introduces the rules of mixed conditionals and makes Business English learners practise them through various activities.

conditionals review
B2 / Upper Intermediate
Flipped Lesson 45 min

Using Agile methodology to organize your family (conditionals review)


Use this flipped lesson plan to do conditionals review, teach your students new vocab and practise using new language items orally.

TED Talk lesson plan
B1 / Intermediate | B2 / Upper Intermediate
Standard Lesson 60 min

For these women, reading is a daring act

Global Issues

The TED Talk that the worksheet is based on touches upon the problem of women’s illiteracy and education. It is a great starting point for the discussion on gender inequality in general and that’s what the lesson is about.

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