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This is a Flipped Classroom lesson plan. In a nutshell, it means that first part of the lesson needs to be done by students at home. Learn more about flipped classroom and how we implement it in those lesson plans in our post.


This flipped lesson plan on social media touches upon a new kid on the block – TikTok. The worksheet will introduce students to the world of different social media sites as well as draw their attention to some concerns over the use of such sites. On top of that, your students will learn some useful words and phrases related to social media.


The pre‐class part starts with an exercise checking students’ knowledge of various social media. First, they have to match given sites to their correct descriptions. After that, they can answer the question which of these sites they use. Next, students have to guess and complete the missing words connected with social media (people, content and verbs). Then, they need to add one more word to each category. To practise a bit the vocabulary, in the next task students get a few sentences and they need to complete them with correct words from the previous task.


The in‐class worksheet of this lesson plan on social media starts with a short discussion about various social media sites and their differences. The discussion ends with a question about TikTok which will serve as a lead‐in to a video in which speaker discusses different aspects connected with TikTok. Students move to a short task where they need to read some sentences and match words in bold to their meanings. Next, they need to discuss the same sentences and decide which of them are true and which are false in their opinion. To check the answers, they watch the first part of the video. Then, after watching, students try to compare TikTok and its features to other social media sites they know. Before watching the second part of the video, students read the questions and explain the meaning of the underlined words. All the words appear in the video so make sure they understand them. Finally, students watch the video, answer the questions and move to an extensive discussion about social media and concerns over issues such as privacy, data and content.


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