Will they find out I’m a fraud? Imposter syndrome

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Discussing and expressing opinion


This lesson plan is based on a short video featuring Michelle Obama who talks about imposter syndrome. Students will discuss the term, learn some facts about it and speak a lot.

B2 / Upper Intermediate45 minStandard LessonPremium Plan


First, students learn about imposter syndrome by reading its dictionary definition. Then, they discuss a few questions related to the term, factors inducing it and advice they would give someone suffering from it. Next, there is a short exercise that students can do individually or in pairs. They have to complete five facts by writing one word in each gap. To make it a bit easier, the first letters have been provided.


Before watching the video, students do a vocabulary task. They get nine typical comments from people who experience imposter syndrome and have to match the two parts of each comment. When they finish, make sure that students understand all expressions. Next, they watch a video and discuss some questions about Michelle Obama’s experience with imposter syndrome. There are as many as eight questions, so probably students will have to watch the video twice to get all the answers. After the listening part, students read Ten ways to cope with imposter syndrome. They have to discuss each piece of advice and explain what it means, giving examples from a familiar context, and choose the best three pieces of advice.


The worksheet ends with a speaking game in which students take turns and speak for two minutes. There are 20 cards to discuss. They contain a quote, a question or a task. Depending how much time you have in your class, set a time limit for your students, e.g. two minutes, to speak about the issues on each card.



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  1. Monika

    What a great lesson:-) thanks a million


    1. Katherine

      Thank you so much Monika! I think Imposter Syndrome is something that is much more common than we might believe. Good luck with your classes!


  2. Alenanesen

    The best lesson I’ve ever seen! Thanks a lot!


    1. Katherine

      Oh my! That’s such a wonderful thing to read this morning. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. Good luck with your teaching.


  3. Anna Doroshchuk

    Thanks a bunch! I fount this lesson extremely useful for a discussion on a Speaking Club with adults <3


    1. Justa

      Thanks, Anna! We’re happy to hear that 🙂


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