How to succeed as a freelancer

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In this lesson students discuss working as a freelancer. They watch a video, do four role-plays and talk about different freelancing ideas. The lesson can be used with students who are freelancers, as well as all Business English students.

B2 / Upper Intermediate
C1 / Advanced
45 min
60 min
Speaking ClassUnlimited Plan

This is a Speaking Class worksheet. It includes a variety of tasks that let your students practise their speaking skills. This lesson format does not focus on grammar or vocabulary. Learn more about it here.


The lesson starts with a short discussion. Students answer some general questions about working as a freelancer. For an optional vocabulary activity, the teacher can ask students about the ways the word freelance is used in the questions. The teacher can use the wordcloud provided in the pdf and the e-lesson plan. In the wordcloud, students need to find three words which cannot be verbs. They can also choose three words and explain how they are related to freelancing (e.g. compensate, undertake, price, value). 

After that, students look at some quotes from the video and discuss what they think the speaker meant. The quotes refer to how a freelancer should price their services. Students watch the video and check their ideas. Next, they read some statements which refer to working as a freelancer and say to what extent you agree with them. 


Students look at the freelance businesses mentioned in the video. They need to decide which are most marketable and what the pros and cons of running these businesses might be. Then, students imagine they want to start working as a freelancer. They need to choose a business, look at some of the tips from the video and create a draft strategy to become a freelancer in that field. 

Finally, students do four role-plays. They include the following areas: social media manager, web designer, personal chef and conference planner. Students play the roles of freelancers and potential customers and need to negotiate contracts. While doing the task, students can use what they learned from the video as well as from the lesson discussion.




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