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Have you ever wondered how successful people manage their time? This TED talk will give you a glimpse into their approach to managing time. You will also have plenty of opportunities to talk about time management with your students.

This worksheet is based on TED talk “How to gain control of your free time” by Laura Vanderkam, an author of several time management and productivity books. During the lesson, students will learn the most challenging vocabulary from the video through a word-building exercise, as well as learn idioms related to time. There are also three speaking activities – one focused on using idioms, one for considering the impact of the so-called time thieves and a general discussion points for the video.

I labeled this lesson as Business English one as it focuses on work time but you can easily adapt it to use it with young adults as it is not packed with business language so much.

My best approach for this lesson was to go through the warm-up and vocabulary sections and then watch the TED talk with students and follow with the discussion tasks.




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  1. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
    the worse that I can findb
    all of you put this LAURA
    change a bit

  2. Thank you very much for this lesson plan! I love it!
    Just a slight remark: What does take up most of your time? – ‘What’ is a subject here, thus, no auxilary verb is needed =)
    -> What takes up most of your time?

  3. Hi there Stan and Justa. I know this is an *old* lesson but just ow I found it and am going to use it. I just wanted to let you know that the video activity and link is missing in the PDF file and actvity 4 says “answer the questions from exercise 2” it should be 3.

  4. Thanks Regina for the comment. I’ve just updated the worksheet so it matches current style. The reason for missing link is that back in 2017 we didn’t include links in the pdfs but we added information when to watch the video in the lesson description here. Obviously, the instructions text is just us overlooking stuff when making changes.


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