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Thanks to our lesson plan about packaging, your students will learn some packaging types and materials, revise vocabulary related to recycling as well as watch an interesting video presenting three companies and their approach to plastic packaging.


To kick off, students need to match different packaging types and materials to correct pictures. There are words such as: tin, styrofoam, aluminium foil, sachet, can, etc. Next, students move to the second exercise and discuss whether the packaging types from the previous exercise are recyclable or not, disposable or reusable. After that, students learn some vocabulary from the video. They need to match words and phrases to their synonyms. This section finishes with a speaking task where your students will have the opportunity to practise all the vocabulary they’ve learnt in a quite extensive discussion about packaging and reusing different types of packaging.


When it comes to the video, students will have to do two tasks. First, they watch the video and mark which sentences relate to which company presented in the video. Then, they watch the video again and complete sentences taken from the video with one word each.

The video is a good introduction to talking about what customers, companies and governments can do to combat plastic packaging. Students read one statement from the video as well as some facts about the use of plastic. All of these should serve as clues for students to complete a table with their own ideas about what action companies, customers and governments can take to reduce their plastic use. After collecting ideas, students work in groups and share them with each other.

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  2. Thank you for the great lesson. My student learned a lot of new vocabulary and we had a well-facilitated discussion due to the flow of the worksheet.


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