The goal of this lesson plan about celebrities is not exactly to talk about how beautiful and rich they are, how much money they earn or how they deal with their fame. It’s more about celebrities who have decided to use their power and fame to make a difference in the world. Because of that, the lesson plan is based on a video of recent climate change protests during which Jane Fonda has been arrested.


The worksheet starts with a short exercise on vocabulary connected with celebrities. Your students have to match words and phrases with correct meanings. The task includes such vocabulary as A-list celebrities, a tabloid, to hit the headlines, etc. Next, students move to a discussion activity. In pairs or groups, they have to answer general questions about celebrities containing vocabulary from the previous exercise, however, the last two questions are also a lead-in to the main topic of our lesson plan on celebrities and to the video.


Before watching the video, students need to learn some vocabulary that appears in it. They need to match words with their meanings. These are words which will be also used in discussion at the end of the lesson and they are connected with protesting. Then, to practise them a bit, students have to fill in the gaps in sentences to see how they work in context. Moving to the video, when watching for the first time students need to get just a general idea about what is happening. Therefore, their task is to summarize what they’ve seen. Then, they have to watch the video one more time and listen for details (numbers, dates, etc.). 


The last part of our lesson plan on celebrities is an extensive discussion. Students get several questions which contain words that have appeared during the whole lesson and in the video. They need to express their opinions about protesting and civil disobedience for good causes, other cases of celebrities who fight to change the world and their own attitude towards marching: whether they’ve ever done it, what they’ve protested against, etc. Generally, a lot of students’ talking time 🙂



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