B1/B2Functional language45


This worksheet deals with functional language for giving good and bad news in English. Students will watch a short video, learn useful expressions and do a role-play.


First, students watch a part of an episode of The Office TV series and discuss what the boss did wrong when giving bad news. Before watching, pre-teach students the following vocabulary: every cloud has a silver lining and gutting. Next, students get ten sentences and they need to fill in the gaps with the words from the box. After checking the answers, students read the sentences again and choose appropriate reactions from the list given. This way they will learn how to give and respond to good and bad news. To practise the vocabulary, they get one more task and need to complete some dialogues with their own ideas.


Finally, the worksheet ends with a role-play. In order to make students practise the expressions for giving good and bad news in English, we prepared three scenarios. Choose whichever you find appropriate for your students or do all of them as they involve different day-to-day situations. Make students work in pairs, give them a card with a role to play and prepare to have a conversation with their partners.

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  1. Thank you for this material! Perfect lesson flow! Worked great with my B1+ group.

    The only thing I added was a vocabulary set to learn before the class which helped the Ss understand the video better.


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