This is a Flipped Classroom lesson plan. In a nutshell, it means that first part of the lesson needs to be done by students at home. Learn more about flipped classroom and how we implement it in those lesson plans in our post.


This flipped lesson plan is our take on a popular TED Talk by Matt Cutts about taking 30-day challenges. We decided to create a lesson plan based on it because some of our Patrons asked us to do it. Thanks Delaine and Anna for motivating us 😊

The worksheet consists of various vocabulary as well as speaking activities, and includes a 30-day English challenge.


At home students need to learn five collocations. These will help them to understand the video as well as speak about their attitude towards challenges. Therefore, first students need to match halves to create common phrases. Next, they have to match them to correct meanings. To practise these expressions a bit, students read and fill in the sentences given with one word each.


The in-class worksheet starts with a short discussion which serves as a lead-in to the video. Then, students watch the video and write down four things that the speaker learnt while doing 30-day challenges. The second listening comprehension exercise includes questions that students need to answer after watching the video again. To learn some more vocabulary from the video, students read an extract from the TED Talk and choose the correct meaning of the underlined words and phrases. After that, there is a discussion about the speaker’s idea, and a list of challenges that students must discuss and consider which ones they would give a shot at for 30 days.


Finally, there is a 30-day English challenge for students to take. They will learn new English vocabulary every day for 30 days. Students get links to some sets of vocabulary. They need to study each set for 7 days doing various activities and on the last 2 days revise newly learnt vocabulary using a set with all the words and phrases from weeks 1-4. The sets include the following vocab: 50 adjectives (week 1), 50 nouns (week 2), 50 phrasal verbs (week 3), 50 idioms (week 4).


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  1. Which lessons are available for the $5 members? Everything I’m finding was either already available for free or requires a $10 membership. 😩 Please advise.

  2. Thanks for the question Victoria. It seems that there are more and more flipped lessons, which
    I am sure are excellent, but hopefully there will continue to be a variety of $5 options as well.

    1. Well, we publish 6 lessons per month – 3 of them are for $5 and the other 3 are $10 subscribers. We try to publish that evenly but sometimes you’ll get 2 Flipped Lessons ($10) in a row. However, all in all, we keep the balance.

  3. I have used this TED Talk many times in the past, but I absolutely love the 30 day English challenge that you’ve included in the lesson at the end!

    1. Well, we figured out that if we are to use this TED Talk then we have to do something different than others. I mean we’ve seen a few lessons based on this video so there’s no point making another one if it is nothing new. Great to hear that you enjoy the challenge idea!


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