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Vocabulary - collocations with gift

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In this lesson plan about gift giving students speculate about photos and discover expressions with the word gift. They also practise their listening skills with a video clip from Friends and share their experience of giving and receiving gifts.

A2 / Pre‐Intermediate60 minStandard LessonPremium Plan


The lesson starts with four photos showing people giving and receiving gifts. Students look at them and speculate about different aspects of gift giving. Next, they read six statements including expressions with the word gift, in which some words are underlined. Students have to classify these words into verbs or adjectives and complete a table with expressions with the word gift (e.g. return a gift, a useful gift, shop for a gift). Then, students read the six statements again and decide whether they agree or disagree with them, providing examples.


The second part of the lesson starts with a short video clip from a popular TV show Friends. At first, students answer three general comprehension questions. Then, they move on to a more detailed task and complete the gaps in six sentences taken from the video. The listening practice is followed by four statements which students need to agree or disagree with and a brief discussion about gift giving. The next task consists of a text about trends in gift giving in which a few more expressions (not only with the word gift) are underlined (e.g. a gift list, charity donation, a handmade gift). Students read the text and then answer six questions about it using the underlined words and phrases. The lesson finishes with another discussion about different aspects of gift giving which allows students to relate to the text they’ve read and practise the new language.



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    That’s a great lesson and it’s very nice it has reading on it! Super!

    1. Ewa

      Thanks. That’s really great to hear.

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