We’re celebrating reaching Goal 2 on Patreon! It’s amazing what you helped us achieve just within 6 months. One of bonus materials we want to publish as a result is a Flipped Classroom lesson plan. Normally, this type of content is reserved for top Patrons but today we want to share it with every teacher out there!

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This is a Flipped Classroom lesson plan. In a nutshell, it means that first part of the lesson needs to be done by students at home. Learn more about flipped classroom and how we implement it in those lesson plans in our post.


This food lesson plan is prepared for B2 students and it concerns a phenomenon called gastrodiplomacy. Sounds weird but basically it means promoting one’s country through food. It’s an interesting concept to strike up a conversation about food and culture and how they build relations.

The worksheet is based on a video (8 min) which explains the term and gives more details about it. The in-class part should take around 45/60 minutes depending on how much your group of students will be engaged in answering questions from the last exercise.


There are just two things that your students must do at home: study new vocabulary and watch the video.

First of all, at home students need to learn some vocabulary that appears in the video. It will be easier for them to understand the concept and answer comprehension questions. Therefore, they need to read 8 sentences and match words/phrases in bold with their meanings. The second task is listening comprehension. Students watch the video and find answers to four questions.


In the classroom, the lesson should start with a discussion based on what students have watched and what they remember from the video. There are four questions which also concern students’ opinions about gastrodiplomacy. Next, they should think of some dish they like (from their country or other), work in pairs and describe it to their partner. They should also explain why they have chosen that dish.

As this lesson plan is about food and cuisine, the next task includes a lot of food idioms. Students have to study food idioms/expressions and their meanings, and then complete them with correct words from the list. These include such idioms as turn sour, have a lot on one’s plate, have a bun in the oven, sell like hot cakes, etc. Finally, students work in pairs and answer questions which contain idioms from the previous task to practise using them. Try to monitor whether they use and understand all these idiomatic expressions correctly.





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  1. Hi – my students and I love this lesson!
    One thing, though is I’ve never heard this expression from the last page using a continuous tense:
    “Do you know anyone who is having a bun in the oven right now?”
    I’d change it to ‘….who HAS a bun in the oven…’


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