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This extra worksheet deals with functional language for online meetings. It’s often connected with some problems that might happen when we participate in virtual meetings. We want students to learn some phrases and words that can help them to deal with unexpected situation that can occur when they have their online meetings in English. It’s also useful to us because the same problems might occur during your online classes.


The worksheet starts with a vocabulary task. Students have to match words and phrases from given sentences to their meanings. The list includes words such as: to cut out, to freeze, a lag, to mute, etc. After checking their answers, students move to another exercise. That exercise also includes sentences from the first task, but this time students have to match sentences to create short dialogues.


Moreover, to have some fun element during class, we’ve found a comedy sketch about online meetings. Students get a few words, have to watch the video (up to 3:00) and tick the words they hear. Next, they move to a short discussion about online meetings, their effectiveness and aspects that might be annoying about them.


Finally, students need to practise all that functional language for online meetings presented in the worksheet. They get eight situations and need to figure out what they would say and how they would react in these situations.

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