Excuse me, I am an apple (word order)

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Grammar - word order

word order in English


This worksheet focuses on the grammar topic of word order in English sentences. Students discuss language-learning apps, read about funny examples of sentences from Duolingo and have a lot of practice

A2 / Pre‐Intermediate60 minStandard LessonUnlimited Plan


The lesson starts with an activity in which students talk about different popular apps (e.g Netflix, Spotify, Google Translate…) and discuss how to use them for learning a language. After that, students look at the beginning of sentences about language-learning apps and complete some of them with their ideas. Then, students move on to grammar. First, they read a short text about Duolingo, find and correct four mistakes. The mistakes are connected to word order in English. They also take a look at similar sentences and try to fill in the gaps with the given words. If necessary, a teacher can share a set of main rules regarding word order in English sentences. 


This lesson is devoted to funny examples of sentences from Duolingo so students have a lot of practice working with unusual sentences (e.g. ‘I am the cheese’, ‘Did the fish drink water’, ‘There is a man in my bed’, etc.). In this section they first have to put the words in the correct order. The second exercise is about correcting the mistakes. The teacher can also have a little discussion with students and ask them if they find such sentences amusing and if they would like to learn using such examples. After that, students proceed to more creative tasks on sentence word order in English. In the first activity, they have to create funny and unusual sentences using the given words. Then, they compare their ideas with each other. They also work in groups and imagine they have to teach someone four words. They follow the instructions, create their own sentences and tasks based on them, exchange them with other students and complete the tasks. There is an optional activity for teachers to use as revision or homework. 




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  1. Teacher A

    This is lesson is great as it includes a variety of practice activities 🙂
    If I may, I’d like to make a suggestion for this lesson and for the other lessons on ESL Brains. It would be helpful for students if the lessons included a slide at the beginning with the grammar rule and explanations before going straight into the practice activities. Often, the lesson plans ask students to guess the meanings of words or complete exercises with new language and concepts. I think it helps students to feel more confident when they can use the activities to practice an already explained concept/language. As a result, I often have to prepare additional materials and content to use before or in the middle of slides so that my students aren’t confused.
    Other than that, both my student’s and I really enjoy using the lesson plans and look forward to more topics:)

    1. Olia

      Hi! Thank you for your feedback 🙂 We always try to include some grammar explanation in a worksheet that practises a grammar structure. In this lesson, you can find some rules and tips in a Teacher’s note in ex. 4.

  2. Dana Mocrei

    Hey! The lesson isn’t bad, but some of the sentences are slightly inappropriate/ embarrassing (e.g. There was a man in bed.)

    1. Olia

      Hi! We appreciate your feedback. That’s the idea – the examples are weird, sometimes inappropriate (the one about the men is actually from Duolingo). If you don’t like some of the examples, you can always skip them or edit the e-lesson plan after making your own copy 🙂

  3. mi5

    Teacher M
    I’m really disappointed that I couldn’t open this lesson plan despite the fact that I have a premium account. Moreover, the site itself does not have a http:// address, which may make it somehow unsafe to use. I’ll probably cancel my subscription.

    1. Stan

      This lesson is available to Unlimited subscribers, while you’re a Premium subscriber and that’s why you can’t access this lesson. In terms of security, we have appropriate security certificate and the connection is secured according to modern cybersecurity standards. BTW what you refer to is actually a https:// protocol (not a http one) as this is the one that provides proper encryption. And contrary to what you say, we use that.


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