body language lesson plan
C1 / Advanced | C2 / Proficiency
Flipped Lesson 45 min

How to read body language


We debunk some myths and give tips in our body language lesson plan but most importantly your students will learn new interesting vocabulary and practise it.

C2 lesson plan
C1 / Advanced | C2 / Proficiency
Standard Lesson 75 min

How video games change the world


Use our C2 lesson plan to get your students talking about video games and teach them some new vocabulary as well as talk about the impact of video games.

C1 / Advanced | C2 / Proficiency
Flipped Lesson 30 min

Why is spoken poetry awesome?


This flipped classroom worksheet is based on a fabulous speech by Sarah Kay on poetry and it is prepared for C1/C2 (advanced) learners.

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