This worksheet focuses on the pronunciation of foreign food names. We want to show students how such names are pronounced in American and British English as well as have a bit of fun. We think that all foodies will love this worksheet 😊


The worksheet starts with a short discussion about pronouncing words that come from different languages, especially the names of dishes. Next, to students watch a short funny video which will introduce them into the topic of the lesson. Before the main pronunciation task, we first show students what phonetic transcription is by making them guess one sentence written in phonetic script. Next, students have a box with foreign food names (such as paella, croissant, borscht, tagine, etc.) and they have to match them with the correct phonetic scripts. To practice pronouncing these names, you can model the pronunciation yourself or you may play these words using the links we provide (source: YouGlish and Forvo) and ask your students to repeat the whole list afterwards.

guessing game

Students have to match the definitions to the correct dishes from the previous exercise and have a short discussion about them. After that, students move to a guessing game. They choose one card and try to describe the dish to their partner. When their partner guesses the dish, they need to pronounce it together correctly and check it with the teacher. Of course, if students don’t know some of the dishes on the cards, they should skip the card and get another one. As an extension, you can finish the lesson with repeating all these foreign food names together.

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