Do the side hustle!

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Vocabulary: verb collocations


work‐related vocabulary


Thanks to this worksheet, students practise work‐related verb collocations, learn what a side hustle is and watch an interesting video about it.

C1 / Advanced45 minFlipped LessonUnlimited Plan

This is a Flipped Classroom lesson plan. In a nutshell, it means that the first part of the lesson needs to be done by students at home. Learn more about flipped classroom and how we implement it in these lesson plans in our post.


The pre‐class worksheet consists of four tasks. First, students discover collocations with the word ‘job’  by completing some definitions with the words given and then, make a list of other words that collocate with ‘job’. In the next task, students learn what a side hustle is by choosing correct options to complete a short text. Then, students do a trios activity focused on work-related verb collocations. If you don’t know what trios are, its a type of task in which you need to complete three sentences with the same word. In our task, these are almost always verbs. In the last activity, they have to research ideas for side hustles and make a note of the top three ideas to share in class.



In class, students first read a short definition of a side hustle as well as some comments about side hustles. Their task is to discuss a few questions and use their notes from the research they’ve done beforehand.


After that, students watch a video about side hustles and answer eight listening comprehension questions. They can watch it twice to get all the answers because the video is quite short (3:30 min). After checking the answers, students discuss a few extracts from the video. They should say what they mean, whether they agree or disagree with them and give reasons and examples. It can be an open discussion or students could work in pairs or groups.

Additional discussion

Finally, there are 13 work‐related questions for students to discuss. You can organise students into small groups and allocate four to six questions to each group. You might as well invite students to choose six questions to discuss in groups or pairs. At the end of the discussion, ask one student from each group or pair to share one piece of interesting information from their discussion with the rest of the class.



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  1. jeffreyalan

    Great lesson. Love that it’s in American English.

    1. Katherine

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!

  2. ann_pe

    It’s a fantastic lesson and exactly something that I needed for my C1 students. Thanks!

    1. Katherine

      Thank you so much Ann! That means a lot.

  3. Vita Palahnyuk

    All the lessons are really great on this platform)

    1. Katherine

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, Vita.

  4. rozgadani

    I absolutely love this video! Thank you!

    1. Katherine

      Thank you for commenting. I like the video too. Side hustling seems to be growing but i suppose it’s always existed in some form or other.

  5. silvigir

    Thanks Katherine, great lesson!

    1. Katherine

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

  6. Beata Skuza

    Great work! Love this lesson. Thank you!

    1. Katherine

      Thanks so much Beata. I hope your students enjoy it.

  7. Ann Yantsevich

    Awesome! Thank you, Katherine! I’ll be waiting for more lessons for C1 students from you 🙂

  8. sasha_stepanov

    Thanks a lot. A very interesting material and it is put together really well. Enjoyed it.

  9. Christina Liu

    Thanks, Katherine, the lesson is fantastic and carefully planned.


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