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This environment lesson plan is based on the TEDTalk by Andy Hobsbawm titled “Do the green thing”. It concerns a very important issue of the environment protection. The speaker introduces his idea of a creative approach to promoting nature preservation.


The first task of the worksheet is synonym-matching of the vocabulary which then helps students discuss some points in the second exercise. There are such words and phrases as combat, contaminate, preserve, severe or at stake. Then, there is a picture of some methods of environment protection that can help students to come up with ideas. They have to answer questions about their attitudes towards the environment and their country’s initiatives.


The next task focuses of filling the gaps in the text which is about the service “Do The Green Thing”. After that, there is one discussion point to make students speculate whether the service can be useful. Finally, students watch the video and go into a discussion exercise that concerns the talk itself and aspects mentioned in it. Moreover, if you need some inspiration or additional materials for your lesson, you can check the website http://dothegreenthing.com/ . You can see there unusual and creative ideas to make us care about the environment more.

This environment lesson plan is prepared for around 45 minutes plus the video which is around 3.5 minutes.










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