Dealing with heat waves

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In this lesson students learn some advanced adjectives and discuss the problem of heat waves.

C2 / Proficiency30 minCritical Reading ClubUnlimited Plan

This is a Critical Reading Club worksheet. With this format, students need to read an online article at home and do the exercises in the classroom. Learn more about how to use such worksheets and their benefits in our post.


At the beginning of the lesson, students share their experience with heat waves and how they cope with them. Then, they read five questions with advanced adjectives (e.g. insidious, futile, obstinate) and choose the meaning of each of them using the context. Students also discuss the questions using the information from the article they read at home, as well as their own knowledge and judgement. Finally, in the last activity, students consider possible outcomes and follow-ups of some of the actions taken by chief heat officers. 




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