Blockchain: there’s more to it than crypto

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Vocabulary - advanced collocations

blockchain applications


In this lesson about blockchain applications, students get an opportunity to practise their listening skills and learn some advanced collocations.

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The warm-up activity starts with four abbreviations and a task for students to guess the cryptocurrencies they stand for. Students also briefly exchange their opinions on the topic and move on to the multiple-choice vocabulary exercise which prepares them for a video in the second part of the lesson. They have to create eight collocations (e.g. proprietary rights, counterfeit goods, etc.) by indicating one word out of three given options that doesn’t match the first part of the collocation. This task is followed by a discussion related to the topic of blockchain technology and its applications in everyday life.


Before students watch a video about blockchain, they share their experience with its applications. At first, they watch the video and have to explain the definition of blockchain using four given words and phrases. The words they need to use come from the beginning of the lesson. Afterwards, they listen for more detailed information. They work in two groups and each group completes a table with the information about two different applications of blockchain (e.g. digital voting, legislation). Then, students share their notes with the other group. The listening practice is followed by two speaking activities. First, students comment on different aspects of blockchain applications shown in the video. Finally, they have to come up with possible applications of blockchain technology in such industries as healthcare, art and finance. They’re provided with five questions to help them in their discussion. 



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  1. Lydia goold verschoyle

    Haven’t done the lesson yet, but VERY excited as it is a highly relevant topic! Looking forward to it. Thank you!

    1. Stan

      Hope you and your students enjoyed that. Share your feedback with us, please!

      1. Lydia goold verschoyle

        Fantastic! It went down very well and there is much one can discuss. These discussions can take many different directions. I used it today for the first time with a highly intelligent and advanced student and it went down VERY well… We ventured into Oxfam’s use of crypto to enhance the lives of Pacific islanders as well as El Salvador’s harnessing of volcanic energy to mine crypto and uplift its people. This lesson has huge potential for interesting and relevant discussion with high level students. Thank you!

  2. Ann Yantsevich

    Thank you for the lesson! I’m so happy each time I see good material for my C1 students who work in IT. Looking forward to more lessons like this))

    1. Stan

      Excellent! We do plan to have more tech-related lessons so stay tuned and explore our Tech section.

  3. Deborah Gomes

    I loved it! Excellent lesson!

  4. manon beland

    I can’t wait to teach Blockchain tomorrow!
    I will let you know how it went 🙂

    1. Olia

      We hope you and your students enjoyed it. And we are always open to your feedback!

  5. Crack Business English School

    Absolutely fantastic class! Business and law students loving it as they did the Fintech class. More like this please!!
    Thank you.
    Barry Hargadon – Crack Business English School

  6. andyxu

    Interesting topic and hope to have more learning materials for speaking practice.


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