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This lesson plan about Bansky and the other artist Maurizio Cattelan deals with controversial art. The worksheet is based on two videos presenting works of art by these two artists.


One of the works presented in this lesson is Maurizio Catellan’s Comedian, which in a nutshell, consists of a banana taped to the wall with a duct tape. This work of art has been sold for $120k. One of our Patrons came up with a cool warm-up task to this lesson, which we want to share with you. Basically, what you do is you bring a banana to your classroom and tape it to the wall. Ask your students then how much they would pay for it. You can even lead an auction. That’s definitely going to spark their interest 🙂

The worksheet starts with a short discussion based on three quotes concerning art. Then, students move to an exercise on vocabulary that two videos include. Students read some sentences and they have to match underlined words and phrases to their meanings.


After that, students move to watching the videos. They have to watch both of them and using vocabulary from the previous exercise, summarize what they’ve seen. The videos present two pieces of art. One is Banksy’s Girl with Balloon which was shredded during an auction. The other video presents Maurizio Cattelan’s Comedian: the work of art consisting of a banana taped to a wall with duct tape. After summarizing, students start a discussion on what they’ve watched. Next, they have two more exercises on vocabulary for expressing surprise and shock. First, they need to read a sentence from one of the videos and match the word unfathomable to its meaning. Next, they have another three sentences and need to match synonyms to the following words: unfathomable, shockingly, staggering.


Finally, students discuss some interesting cases from the world of art. When appropriate, they should use the words from the previous exercise. They will discuss a restoration failure, a controversial artwork, a prank by two teenagers at a museum and the most expensive sculpture sold by a living artist. We linked to images related to that in the task so either download it before the lesson or open them up during the class to show that weird cases, This lesson plan about Banksy and Maurizio Cattelan ends with a short optional discussion about art in general.




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  1. I’m really happy with the materials lately. You have made the B2 and C1 lessons a bit more complex and that’s exactly what was missing. The vocabulary is a bit more challenging. Just perfect for my Advanced students! Thank you! Wonderful job guys, as always.

  2. It’s here: https://youtu.be/E-d1Hozj6-s . You can always watch the video on our website or in the e-lesson plan, these things work for me. It seems that in the worksheets there’s one extra character, that’s why it doesn’t work. Thanks for mentioning that. I’ll fix it as soon as possible.


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