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  1. jeffreyalan

    Unable to display pictures and icons of presentation when downloaded as pptx file on my pc? I would like to present this on Zoom or Microsoft Teams, but cannot with the missing pictures and icons.

    1. Stan

      Hi Jeffrey! I replied to your e-mail in this matter. Everything works fine on our end and we didn’t create this lesson in some other way, so potentially it looks as some sort of error on your computer side. Get back to me via email and we will find a solution together.

  2. Maya Addas

    perfect!! i am preparing this lesson for tomorrow lesson and it is simply perfect. Everything is clear and simple and you can just follow the steps and the lesson will be great.

    1. Inna

      Thank you so much, Maya! We’re happy you found this lesson suitable for your class 🙂 Let us know how the lesson turned out 😉

  3. DaveMar

    This was really engaging! Great lesson, well done

    1. Inna

      Thank you for your feedback! We’re happy your students liked it 🙂

  4. Troy

    I found the lesson more challenging than A2 level. Would this work for higher levels such as B2? Thanks.

    1. Inna

      Hi Troy! Thank you for your feedback! As long as the video doesn’t contain any language, you can adapt this worksheet for higher levels depending on your students’ goals and needs. Having said that, I consider the vocabulary part too easy for B2 students. If you like the content of this lesson I’d suggest that you focus on adding more sentence frames that your students could use to discuss the questions or on introducing more advanced vocabulary (e.g. phrasal verbs, idioms).
      Good luck!

  5. Lucia K.

    Great lesson plan. Very nice focus on ‘like’ vs ‘look like’. I used it with my B1 students and it worked really well.

    1. Inna

      Thank you for feedback, Lucia! We’re happy your students liked the lesson 🙂

  6. Liliia V

    Inna, thank you so much for this lesson plan! I used it soon after covering the topic of linking verbs and my students really benefited from this inbuilt “repetition”. I also enjoyed how one activity is used several times, first for language focus and second for follow-up discussion, very lexically 🙂 What I also liked is the idea of using Present Simple for describing what we’ve just seen in the video, which gives students an alternative way of seeing narration. And of course this pan in the heading.

    1. Inna

      Thank you for your feedback, Liliia! We’re happy you found this lesson so engaging 🙂

  7. Julia Sham

    Thank you so much for this lesson! It’s just an amazing support for teachers! I’ve seen the first lesson and immediately subscribed!

    1. Inna

      Thank you for this great feedback, Julia! We’re delighted you love our materials 🙂

  8. juanal

    Inna, thank you so much for your wonderful lesson plan. My students were happy doing this activity.

    1. Inna

      Thank you so much for your feedback! We’re happy to hear that your students enjoyed this lesson 🙂


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