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speaking worksheet


This speaking worksheet provides an opportunity for students to have a lot of conversation practice. Students discuss the topics of relationships, meeting new people and making friends. During the lesson, students also watch a video about Airbnb and talk about their attitude towards staying with strangers.

A2 / Pre‐Intermediate
B1 / Intermediate
45 min
60 min
Speaking ClassUnlimited Plan

This is a Speaking Class worksheet. It includes a variety of tasks that let your students practise their speaking skills. This lesson format does not focus on grammar or vocabulary. Learn more about it here.


The worksheet starts with a warm-up activity in which students look at the definition of the term ‘people person’ and answer some questions about it. Then, students move on to discuss their relationship with different people in their life (friend, business partner, landlord, neighbour, etc.). They use provided ideas (give birthday presents, invite to parties, communicate using only texts, send holiday photos, etc.). After they have discussed it, students talk more about meeting new people, making friends and how it has changed over time. In this speaking worksheet, students also touch on why people feel lonely nowadays. Additionally, they are asked to describe the experience of meeting new people choosing the given words (educational, a waste of time, challenging, exciting, etc.) and explain their choices


This speaking worksheet also features an ad for Airbnb. After watching the ad, students first discuss whether they like the ad. Then, they share their experience and say if they ever used the app, or if they would like to. They also think about the idea of staying in a stranger’s house. After discussing the video, students get more speaking practice and look at different ideas on how to meet new people (throwing a party, volunteering, taking your dog to a park, etc). Students talk about these ideas and decide how good or bad they are. 



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  1. Anastasia Lavdyr

    I have an unlimited subscription and they wouldn’t let me enter

    1. Stan

      Can you please check now if that’s still the case? This might have been some browser cache issue.

    2. Vero Rodriguez


    3. Fernanda Arantes

      Same here

      1. Stan

        If you are a new subscriber, this might be caused by the browser’s cache and it keeping the old version of the page (the one before you subscribe), so this will only affect the lessons you visited before subscribing or logging in. Please in such a case, either clear cache or open our website in incognito mode. This should fix the problem straight away.

        1. Sono María

          I did all that and I still can’t access the video 🙁

          1. Justa

            We’ve just updated the link to the video, so please try again and let us know if you can access it now.

          2. Sono María

            Now I could! Thanks!

          3. Justa

            Great 🙂

  2. Ece

    I love this idea! Great for getting to know the personalities of my students starting out in a convo class to see how they feel about getting to know new people!

    1. Ewa

      Thank you, Ece 🙂

  3. Kelly Iyen

    Great Lesson plan. I used it with my students and they love it. We talked about so many things. Thanks Guys for the huge work you put into this to make Our lives easier.

    1. Ewa

      Thanks! You made my day 🙂

  4. Simone & Mirian

    hello. The video is no longer working.

    1. Justa

      Hi! We’ve just updated the links, so it should work fine now.

  5. Alejandra Gonzalez Diez d Ulzurrun

    Same ! I cant see the activities

    1. Ewa

      Hi, Alejandra! This lesson is available with the Unlimited subscription. You can see details about the Unlimited subscription here. And feel free to browse free lesson plans here.

  6. Luca Doria

    Hi, thank you for your interesting lesson plans ESL Brains, I really like them. Just a tiny feedback, it would be useful if the pages of the worksheets are numbered. Cheers!

    1. Ewa

      Thanks for the comment 🙂 We don’t number pages because there is usually more text in the teacher’s pdf than in the student’s so the numbering would be different in the two versions. We feel that it would cause too much confusion. But you can always use task numbers in the lesson 🙂

  7. chaviracorona

    Video unavailable 😥

    1. Stan

      Thanks for reporting this, Frank. All fixed now.

  8. crystal kim

    I cannot access the video. Is there any way I can use?

    1. Stan

      It’s fixed now – thanks for leaving a comment!


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