Would you like to work a four-day week? (listening for details)

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Listening for details

listening for details


In this lesson students will watch a video on a four-day work week, improve their listening for details skills and and reflect on the positive and negative aspects of working four days a week.

B1 / Intermediate
B2 / Upper Intermediate
60 minStandard LessonPremium Plan


The lesson starts with a discussion in which students exchange information about a typical working week in different countries. Then, they look at a news headline about a four-day week in Iceland and speculate about what it might be. Their next task is to brainstorm the advantages and disadvantages of a four-day week. The brainstorming activity leads to a matching exercise which introduces students to some words and expressions from a video they’ll watch later in the lesson (e.g. upskill, productivity). They read seven definitions and match them with the corresponding words and phrases.


The second part of the lesson is based on a video about a four-day week. At first, students watch the introduction, answer two questions and comment on what they found out. Next, they watch the second part of the video and listen for gist – to  check if the speakers mention any of the advantages of a four-day week they brainstormed earlier in the lesson. Then, students practise listening for details, look at a set of seven specific questions and have to decide who (out of seven speakers in the video) these statements refer to. The listening practice is followed by a discussion in which students get an opportunity to reflect on the video and also practise the new language. Finally, they read a quote by Elon Musk and decide whether they agree or disagree with it, making a note of their reasons. They compare their ideas with their partners.



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  1. [email protected]

    Promoted some interesting conversation but I think the video is too easy for B2 level students (and for some higher level B1 students) because the answers are given in graphics in the video so they don’t really need to understand what is said. It only took 45 minutes to complete with B1 students too so I supplemented with an extra article about 4 day working weeks.

    1. Stan

      Thanks for the feedback! IMHO, the first listening tasks might be easy but they are there for general comprehension. It’s more important to just have the Ss focus on the gist of the story. Now, the next task will be much more challenging as Ss need to hear what each employee says. The interviewees speak with different accents and at different speeds with different sound quality. Personally, I found that to be a bit difficult for B1 students. Happy to hear that your B1 students managed to do it and that it inspired some interesting conversations.

    2. Leanne

      Thanks, for the feedback. Great that you could supplement with extra material.

  2. Gloria Rosas

    Excellent material

    1. Leanne

      Thank you! Happy to hear you’re enjoying it,

  3. An Phùng

    Can I see the Worksheet for that

    1. Justa

      Hi! To access this worksheet, you need to be our Premium plan subscriber. You can read more about our subscription plans here.


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