giving advice
B1 / Intermediate | B2 / Upper Intermediate
Standard Lesson 45 min

Giving advice and making suggestions

General Grammar

This worksheet focuses on giving advice and making suggestions. It is a standalone worksheet which can be used with many different lesson plans from our website.

third conditional
B1 / Intermediate
Standard Lesson 75 min

If he hadn’t pressed the button, nothing would have happened


In this lesson about hypothetical situations in the past, students learn the Third Conditional in English and practise its structure through a variety of written and oral activities.

Zero Conditional
A2 / Pre‐Intermediate
Standard Lesson 60 min

Life lessons and white lies

General Grammar

This grammar lesson helps students learn about and practise Zero Conditional. The worksheet includes a lot of speaking activities. Students also do a vocabulary exercise and learn the phrases related to the topic. 

conditionals review
B2 / Upper Intermediate
Flipped Lesson 45 min

Using Agile for your family life (conditionals review)

Grammar Technology

Use this flipped lesson plan to do conditionals review, teach your students new vocab and practise using new language items orally.

First Conditional
B1 / Intermediate
Standard Lesson 60 min

Waste less (First Conditional)

Global Issues

In this lesson students practise the use of First Conditional, watch a video about grocery shopping and discuss how we can waste less. 

second conditional
B1 / Intermediate
Standard Lesson 60 min

What would happen if you quit texting for a week? (Second Conditional)

Grammar Lifestyle

In this lesson about texting students discover and practise Second Conditional. They also learn vocabulary related to mobile phone communication and discuss the role of texting in their lives.

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