FOCUS Vocabulary: Describing graphs
TIME  90 min (incl. 4 min video)

The lesson plan is based on a TED-Ed video titled “How to spot a misleading graph” by Lea Gaslowitz. The aim of the lesson is to teach students vocabulary and structures they can use while describing graphs.

The worksheet starts with exercises on vocabulary. First, students need to complete the table with verbs for going up and down. Then, there is an exercise on structures that are used when describing graphs and prepositions that go with verbs and nouns. The third and fourth exercises are practical ones. First, students have to write a description of a line graph given. In the next one, they work in pairs – one person describes a graph and the other should draw that graph, then they change roles. Graphs to that task are available at the end of the teacher’s version pdf.
Next, students watch the video and complete sentences with words they hear in it. In the following task, they have to match these words with their synonyms. The last task is a discussion on issues included in the video. However, there is an extra task in the teacher’s version. Give misleading graphs to your students and ask them to analyze them and tell what is wrong with them and how data is misrepresented there.

The lesson should take around 90 minutes (video is 4-min long) and is prepared for B2/C1 students.







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