FOCUS Conversation
TIME  60 min (incl. 9 min video)

The lesson plan is based on a TED talk by Gever Tulley titled “5 dangerous things you should let your kids”. The focus of the lesson is speaking and it looks into such topics as childhood and parenting.

The first task of the worksheet is finishing sentences. Student should try to complete sentences with memories from their childhood. Then, they move to discuss a few questions about again childhood as well as parenting. The next task is connected with vocabulary from the speech. It should make it easier for students to understand the talk. Students get six sentences with underlined words and phrases which they have to match with correct definitions. Then, there is one question preceding
watching the talk thanks to which the teacher can elicit some students’ ideas on what the speaker might be talking about. After watching the video, students are engaged into the discussion. In the last task, students have to complete gaps in the statement on parenting by Hanna Rosin and then, say whether they agree with her or not. This task is a gap-filling exercise that tests students knowledge of using prepositions.

This 60-minute lesson (including 9-minute talk) is prepared for B2 students, however, stronger B1 students should also manage.







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