cybercrime lesson plan
B2 / Upper Intermediate
Flipped Lesson 60 min

What do good hackers do? (+cybercrime vocabulary)


Teach your students about cybercrimes and let them discover what a good hacker does with our Flipped Lesson Plan.

practising writing
B2 / Upper Intermediate | C1 / Advanced
Standard Lesson 30 min

Latest crime news headlines


This worksheet focuses on two goals: extending crime vocabulary and practising writing. It can also serve as a good supplement to crime lesson plans.

crime lesson plan
C1 / Advanced
Standard Lesson 90 min

Helping ex-cons find a job – advanced crime lesson plan


Use our crime lesson plan to teach your students some advanced vocabulary and get them involved in a meaningful discussion about ex-cons and jobs.

cyberbullying lesson plan
B2 / Upper Intermediate
Standard Lesson 60 min

How to fight cyberbullying – lesson plan for teenagers


This cyberbullying lesson plan is perfect both for your teenage ESL learners as well as parents. Learn, watch and discuss with ESL Brains lesson plans!

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