B2 General English 60


In this emotions lesson plan you and your students will try to figure out what emotional hygiene is. You will find out the answer by watching TED Talk by Guy Winch. Perhaps your students also have some great ideas how to nurture emotions. 


This English lesson plan focuses on speaking and vocabulary. There is a warm-up which should give students a hint on the topic. Therefore, they have to discuss three questions about their emotional hygiene. This activity is followed by two exercises on important vocabulary appearing in the TED Talk (plus one speaking task). First, students have to match words with their meanings. After that, they can work in pairs and answer questions with the vocabulary from the previous task.


Finally, students watch the video (or they can watch at home before the lesson) and move to the last task. This is a short discussion on the main points made by Guy Winch. 

This emotions lesson plan has been created with the view that students will watch the TED Talk by Guy Winch on their own before the class and discuss what they watched during the lesson. It is possible, however, to change it a bit and watch the video during the lesson for example after exercise 5.







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