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We are back with some business-oriented ESL lesson plan. This time the lesson focuses on Business English collocations. The worksheet is based on Leeron Segal’s speech titled “Upgrading management technology” which is a discussion starter and a background for practising advanced Business English collocations. The speech itself raises interesting questions about corporate management and how it has not changed a lot for years.


The lesson kicks off with a short warm-up discussion. Then, students move to an exercise on identifying right Business English collocations. They need to match words from two columns to create collocations. Additionally, this task also introduces expressions used in the video so it will help your students in following the speech. In the second vocabulary activity, students must match some words from the previous activity with groups of words that collocate with them. This way students will be equipped with a variety of Business English expression that they can use in their everyday work life.


The next section is video comprehension. The language used in the video is not every demanding, however, the speaker talks pretty fast so students need to focus to catch the answers to comprehension questions. After you students watch the video for the first time, you may check how many answers they have. If you feel it’s necessary, let the students watch the recording the second time and stop after each question.


As usual, the last part of the lesson is a discussion. Try to encourage students to use new Business English collocations – they were selected specifically for this task in mind. The topic and issues raised in the video are quite interesting and should stir a conversation among your students. Hopefully, they will use the new language to express their opinions on the business environment they work in. 

The lesson should take around 60 minutes (including 7-min talk) and it has been developed for C1 adult professionals (preferably corporate staff).




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  1. 4.F. What did Henry Ford say a hundred years ago?
    Answer should be: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

    1. Hi Rakesh! We fixed that inconsistency in the Teacher’s Version – now it better corresponds to the question. Thanks for spotting that and leaving a comment

  2. Hi Stan! Just FYI- in section 5 of the student version of this worksheet, it says “Look at the pie chart on the left and discuss whether your work life is similar or different and to what extent.” On my screen the pie chart is on the RIGHT.

  3. OMG! 🤦🏻‍♂️Thanks Pamela for letting me know. That’s what happens when you move around images too much. I’ve fixed that text already 🙂


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