This ESL fashion lesson plan is based on the Huffington Post video “The Problem with Fast Fashion”. It pertains to the issue which is very up-to-date and raises a lot of controversy. Students have a chance to learn a lot of words and phrases connected with fashion as well as the environment. 

The smartphone problem

March 15, 2018 1

Let’s face it. We’re all addicted to our smartphones and other tech gadgets that supposedly make our lives easier. In this lesson, students can discuss their own experience with smartphones and consequences of their usage.

The lesson plan focuses on colours and how we perceive them in terms of emotions and feelings. Students will also learn a lot of popular colour idioms which they’ll practice by making questions and in a pair-work discussion

In the this fascinating video titled "How I'm discovering the secrets of ancient texts", you will learn the story of Gregory Heyworth and his intrest in preserving ancient texts. Your students will learn new vocabulary and collocations and have a chance to talk about history.

The lesson plan is based on the TED Talk by Meaghan Ramsey "Why thinking you're ugly is bad for you" and concerns a very significant issue of self-esteem and how it affects the young generation.