C1 Synonyms of “think” 60 mins Here is another English lesson plan brought to you thanks to TED Talks and this time their TED Ed programme (explore it as it is perfect authentic material for ESL teachers). This time the lesson focuses on debating skills and vocabulary for expressing opinions. The worksheet is based on…

LEVEL C1 FOCUS Conversation / Listening Comprehension TIME  60 min (incl. 9 min video) This lesson touches on a topic which is not usually recommended for teaching English, namely war and politics. Nevertheless, it is a global issue worth talking about and most students are eager to discuss it. Bear in mind that some Ss may have…

The lesson plan is based on the TEDTalk by Amit Sood titled "Building a museum of museums on the web" concerning Google's Art Project. The lesson itself is about art, museums and students' interests in these areas.

This Business English lesson will allow your students to learn and practice 8 idioms on motivation used in business. They will also have plenty of chances to talk about how companies motivate and demotivate employees and watch a video that tells how to tackle it

The lesson plan is based on the TED Talk by Tim Brown titled "Designers - think big!". The goal of the lesson is to talk about design and design thinking and how it can affect our lives. This lesson was created for Design students at the University of Arts so it resonated with their interests;…

This lesson focuses on pursuing career and passions. It's based on TED by Larry Smith titled "Why you will fail to have a great career". In the course of the lesson, students will learn collocations with the word career, discuss how to have a succesful work life and watch an amusing speech.

The mathematics of love

March 24, 2017 0

Spring is in the air and love is in the air! Can we measure love? Is there any recipe for a happy and long-lasting relationship? Curious? Watch the TED Talk and engage your students in a light discussion on the topic!

The lesson plan is based on the TED Talk by Meaghan Ramsey "Why thinking you're ugly is bad for you" and concerns a very significant issue of self-esteem and how it affects the young generation.

This lesson plan is based on the TED Talk entitled "How to speak up for yourself" by Adam Galinsky. The speaker gives us a hint how to speak up even if it is really difficult.