This ESL material is based on a short video entitled “This Couple Lives In A Bus To Escape Chicago's High Cost Of Living”. As the title of the video suggests, it is connected with less conventional alternatives to buying a house which are cheaper, but still amazing.

Unconventional career advice

November 28, 2017 1

LEVEL C1 FOCUS Grammar: Giving advice TIME  approx. 60 min (incl. 6 min video) This Business English lesson plan focuses on career advice. It has been designed for career counselors, but it worked great both with HR people and adult professionals (if you want to do this with young adults without working experience, you must…

In this super-compact TED talk "Got a meeting? Take a walk" (just 3:30), Nilofer Merchant speaks about how sitting affects our health and what we can do to fight with it at work! (No! It's not jogging at lunch!)