B2 Team Management 60 mins The business world is multinational. This means that your students work (or will work) with people of different cultural backgrounds on a daily basis. Therefore, it may be the reason your students actually want to learn Business English. While this cultural complexity enriches us, such a melting pot may be…

This ESL material is based on a short video entitled “This Couple Lives In A Bus To Escape Chicago's High Cost Of Living”. As the title of the video suggests, it is connected with less conventional alternatives to buying a house which are cheaper, but still amazing.

This lesson plan is totally British – literally. It focuses on symbols of England such as tea and lets students get familiar with idioms and common phrases based on words that refer to some British objects, phenomena and people.

This time we give you a worksheet about self-improvement and coaching based on a speech by Svend Brinkmann called "Resisiting the Self-Improvement Craze". The lesson is heavily focused on speaking and teaches fixed phrases connected with self development

LEVEL C1 FOCUS Conversation / Listening Comprehension TIME  60 min (incl. 9 min video) This lesson touches on a topic which is not usually recommended for teaching English, namely war and politics. Nevertheless, it is a global issue worth talking about and most students are eager to discuss it. Bear in mind that some Ss may have…

The mathematics of love

March 24, 2017 0

Spring is in the air and love is in the air! Can we measure love? Is there any recipe for a happy and long-lasting relationship? Curious? Watch the TED Talk and engage your students in a light discussion on the topic!