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If you are new here and you’ve never seen ESL Brains lesson plans, then you’re in the best place to discover what we do.

At ESL Brains we publish ready-to-use ESL lesson plans and worksheets for adult learners that tackle up-to-date and thought-provoking topics. The core of our content is based on authentic videos available widely online, e.g. TED Talks, YouTube, Vimeo. You’ll find videos with speakers from the USA, the UK or Australia, side-by-side with videos with speakers who use English as their second language. We put emphasis on practising speaking with a variety of different tasks, but also teach vocabulary and grammar.

What type of lesson plans we publish

We create standard lessons plans for 45 to 90 minutes as well as Flipped Classroom lessons to transform your classroom into a more hybrid approach. On top of that, (practically) all lessons comes in two formats: printable PDF and digital e-lesson plan for teaching online.

Standard lesson plans – Free samples

We love sharing our content with teachers out there that’s why we have 30+ free lesson plans that you can use with your students straightaway. No strings attached, we don’t need your email address or ask you to like our Facebook page. Discover ESL Brains lessons and have fun using them in your classroom.

See what we do and what type of lesson plans we publish by exploring the whole category of free printable ESL lessons plans (PDFs).

Flipped Classroom lesson plans – Free samples

Flipped classroom is a blended learning teaching model where students need to get acquainted with some theory, watch a video or study new vocabulary on their own. But it’s not only about creating a video lecture and asking students to study some grammar points. What happens next is that during the class, you focus more on production, using new language structures and engaging students in the content. Classroom time becomes more effective. You can use it for problem solving and hands-on activities that create an environment where students can practise their language skills freely. Engaging your students in such activities makes them remember new things easily and reinforces acquired structures. Read more about the Flipped Classroom concept here.

See how we do it in practice with one of our open Flipped Classroom ESL lesson plans:

All of our Flipped Classroom lesson plans are available only in the Unlimited subscription plan.

E-lesson plans – Free samples

E-lesson plan is a format of our lesson plans suitable for teaching online. These are our lessons converted into Google Slides presentations. Of course, it’s not just copy & paste into Google Slides. We tweak the lessons a little bit here and there, and adapt the tasks to make them usable during online lessons.

With e-lesson plans you get an editable online-friendly ESL Brains lesson plan. It’s a presentation with both student’s version and animated answers that you can use straight away during your online classes. This digital format based on Google Slides is suitable for teaching English online and allows your students to collaborate in real-time. Learn more about how to use our e-lesson plans in this article.

We use just enough tech to make teaching online easier but not overwhelm both teachers and students.

Explore some of our e-lesson plans below and get a taste of what they are.

E-lesson plans are available both in our Premium and Unlimited subscription plans. Learn more and register here.


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