Can you trust your brain? Can our brains come up with memories of things that haven't really happened? You will find answers to these questions here. This lesson also looks into the world of crime and justice, how legal system works in the USA and why some witnesses lie even if they don't realize it!

The lesson plan on an interview with Simon Sinek. His speech, and thus the lesson, focuses on the issues connected with the millennials and their situation on the modern labour market and the reasons behind the problems of coping with the work life.

What is ESLbrains?

January 23, 2017 30

Welcome to eslbrains We are a couple of teachers and life partners from Poland passionate about English and determined to teach our students as well as we can. We would like to share with you our video-based worksheets, which we’ve developed over the years, and knowledge we’ve acquired as part of our job. We’re still…